Brown Clay Water Jug

Brown Clay Water Jug Manufacturers in Coimbatore

Aswath Exports is the major Brown Clay Water Jug Manufacturers in Coimbatore. We are not just a company that only sells normal earthenware, we are the company that is the leader in this segment and also the most loved one because of the advantages that our products have. We not only focus on making our earthenware useful but also pay attention to how it looks. 

We are the most suitable Brown Clay Water Jug Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu. Whether it's a clay product that is for occasions or you are using it for your room decoration we make sure to manufacture it in such a way that it adds a touch of class and tradition to your home without wasting your time. You can tell just by looking at our products that it’s high quality and best for your purpose. If you have guests over, they will surely notice and appreciate the beautiful earthenware you have.

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Piece

 Capacity  1.5 Litre
 Color  Brown
 Usage  Water Storage
 Shape  Round (Base)
 Design Method  Hand Building
 Material  Clay